SUNDAY, APRIL 25, 2021    E5

Dear Hollywood Colleagues,

25% of the US adult population has a visible or invisible disability. We are 1 IN 4.

Yet, we are less than 1%a on your screens. We are also missing from your offices, crews, and sets.

We call upon you to be accessible for all people. Add the A. Become Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive, and Accessible: DEIA.

You are the world’s biggest creator of content and your work can ignite global cultural change.

Include the country’s largest minority — which crosses every age, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation — on your screens and in your jobs.

Challenge norms. Set new standards. Add the A.

Hire from the 1 IN 4.


1. Add 1IN4. Add Disability – visible and invisible – to your company’s definition of Diversity and DEIA requirements.

2. Aim for 1IN4. Employ Disabled people in all levels of corporate, creative, production, and vendor positions.

3. Amplify 1IN4. Talent representatives, work with and advocate for Disabled artists.

4. Count 1IN4. Track and disclose annual percentages of Disabled people hired and represented by your company and working on your productions.

5. Include 1IN4. Require an Accessibility Coordinator for every production.

6. Portray 1IN4. Create content featuring authentic and intersectional storylines about Disability by and with Disabled people. Nothing about us, without us.

Support the movement.

1 IN 4